I'm so glad you're here! My actual name is Tiffany Lavender and I'm an independent artist and graphic designer or as my daughter calls me, "professional colorer."

Full-service graphic design really just means I don't have a niche; I enjoy "doing it all." Whether that is creating custom art for your home or business or transforming your business visual assets to better connect you with your customers, I've got a creative solution for you.

My Background

Art has always been a large part of my life, as many of my family members are very naturally talented artists. Growing up I really wanted to be a singer, but unfortunately my natural artistic talent stopped at my hands. Drawing and doodling were a great form of mental escape, but the pressure to be perfect prevented me from wanting to pursue a career in art. 


In high school I learned how to do a bit of coding when, and I'm going to date myself here, I designed backgrounds for and pages. I took pride in being able to figure so much out on my own. But then Myspace became the main social media platform and it didn't allow for much coding. 

As it was time to start thinking about my future I had no idea what I wanted to do so I took a couple years off school, working odd end jobs, before I decided to go to college. I didn't know graphic design existed until, thankfully, a friend talked me into giving it a shot. I immediately fell in love with the work.


After completing my associate's degree in marketing and graphic communications at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College in 2011 I earned my bachelor's degree in graphic design from University of Wisconsin - Green Bay in 2015.


For nearly five years I had the privilege of designing news letters, magazines, invitations, flyers, advertisements for both digital and print, web pages, as well as did image editing and more for Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration in La Crosse, Wisconsin. It was an incredibly tough decision to leave to pursue my own business full-time in 2020 but I am grateful to still be connected. 


I have been freelance designing since 2009 and officially established business in June of 2019.