Realistic drawing

Drawings are done either digitally or on paper. Custom art is charged per hour as each piece is different, there is no set price. In order to provide a quote I will need the image(s) you would like recreated. These can be sent via email. High quality images with clear contrast are best. Request a quote

digital pencil drawing of little girl image
memorial drawing pencil and paper art image
digital pencil drawing image
Sketch of Derek Weida pencil and paper drawing image

Cartoon drawing

cartoon illustration portrait image
Digital cartoon drawing illustration boy image
Digital cartoon portrait drawing sassy little girl image
Digital cartoon portrait drawing boy image
Digital cartoon portrait drawing woman image
Digital cartoon portrait drawing little girl with curly hair image

Book and CD cover art illustrations

Quarantine Bears play on Berenstein Bears book cover illustration by Tiffany Lavender

Illustrations for logos

Crappie fish illustrations by Tiffany Lavender
Vintage cartoon illustration curvy woman with apron and red lips holding a tomato illustration by Tiffany Lavender
Illustrated bobbins in wine glasses illstrations done by Tiffany Lavender

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