Web Design

Grow your brand online with a website custom designed to fit your needs and connect with your customers. Specializing in front-end design, we organize your visual assets and upload content to create a mobile responsive personal, business or e-commerce website.

Stetzer Accounting

Owner | Grant and Carla Stetzer

Stetzer Accounting is a full-service, family-owned accounting firm located in Trempealeau, Wisconsin.


Graphic/Web Designer | Tiffany Lavender

stetzer-accounting-web-design .jpg

Selfie Central

Owner | Carla Stetzer

Selfie Central is an interactive selfie studio located in Trempealeau, Wisconsin.


Graphic/Web Designer | Tiffany Lavender


Blondes and Bridals

Owner | Courtney Ratkus

Blondes and Bridals is a salon and bridal hair stylist located in Ettrick, Wisconsin.


Graphic/Web Designer | Tiffany Lavender


FSPA web refresh

I worked with a team to refresh Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adorations public website: fspa.org.

These pages I completely redesigned and organized. 

I also managed content updates for two of their private websites during my four years of employment with them. 


screenshot of thea page.jpg
screenshot of thea menu before.jpg


screenshot of new thea page.jpg