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Web Design

We design websites with search engine optimization, user experience and responsiveness in mind so that your customers can easily find you and stay engaged no matter what device they're viewing from.

On average, once your potential audience finds your website, they will give you seven seconds of their time before they make a decision to stay on or leave. We design intuitive websites that will quickly capture your audience and make it easier for them to stay engaged during their entire visit. 


Cappella Weddings and Events
Owner | Matthew Curtis 

Cappella Weddings and Events is a premier event venue located in the heart of historic La Crosse, WI.

Goal: To inform the visitor about Cappella Weddings and Events and encourage contacting through phone or email. 


Graphic/Web Designer | Tiffany Lavender


Naughty Nerp
Owner | Tiffany Lavender

Naughty Nerp is an art and apparel retail store.

Goal: Convert visitors to customers.


Graphic/Web Designer | Tiffany Lavender


La Crescent Food Shelf

La Crescent food shelf is a non-profit business, helping feed La Crescent Minnesota and surrounding areas.

Goal: Redesign website to be more intuitive, informative and engaging.

The website was originally by an employee on the Google Sites platform. To keep costs low, we kept the website on the Google Sites platform. We were able to design a more user-centered, intuitive website that has helped visitors get the information they need quickly.


Graphic/Web Designer | Tiffany Lavender


LAX Movers
Owner | Wayne Peterson

La Crosse Movers is a full-service moving company for local or long distance moves, located in La Crosse, Wisconsin.

Goal: Redesign website to be more intuitive, informative and engaging.


Graphic/Web Designer | Tiffany Lavender


Stetzer Accounting
Owner | Grant and Carla Stetzer

Stetzer Accounting is a full-service, family-owned accounting firm located in Trempealeau, Wisconsin.

Goal: Redesign website to be more intuitive and engaging.


Graphic/Web Designer | Tiffany Lavender

stetzer-accounting-web-design .jpg

Blondes and Bridals
Owner | Courtney Ratkus

Blondes and Bridals is a salon and bridal hair stylist located in Ettrick, Wisconsin.

Goal: Inform potential brides of services and available dates.


Graphic/Web Designer | Tiffany Lavender


Selfie Central 
Owner | Carla Stetzer

Selfie Central is an interactive selfie studio located in Trempealeau, Wisconsin.

Goal: Scheduling appointments and answering frequently asked questions.


Graphic/Web Designer | Tiffany Lavender


FSPA web refresh

Tiffany Lavender lead the initiative to refresh Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration's public website.

Completely redesigning and reorganizing these pages to be more user-centered and visually pleasing. 


screenshot of thea page.jpg
screenshot of thea menu before.jpg


screenshot of new thea page.jpg
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