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Custom Art

Tiffany Lavender specializes in realistic and cartoon people, pet and place portraits.


Our goal is to create works of art that tell a story. From pencil sketches to digital paintings, we strive to create meaningful works that capture the imagination.

2022 video campaign doodle by tiffany lavender-01.jpg

Project: Pencil Drawing for Animation
Client: Great Rivers United Way

In this collaboration with Great Rivers United Way, an organization that helps to provide resources and support to those in need, Tiffany Lavender created a drawing that would be used in an animated video. Great Rivers United Way was looking for a unique way to share how they help the community and how the community can help in return. This pencil sketch highlights the goodness that Great River United Way provides.

The video, produced by WXOW, can be viewed below.

Project: Cartoon Illustrations
Client: GECU Credit Union
Artist: Tiffany Lavender

About this project in the words of the artist:

In this collaboration with GECU Credit Union, known as the "friendly credit union", I created illustrated drawings for each employee. The illustrations of each employee may be used by GECU in advertising and are to be printed on banners, also illustrated by me.


Realistic portraits can capture personalities in such a beautiful way.

Mediums artist, Tiffany Lavender, uses to create realistic portraits of people, pets and places are pencil, acrylic or digital using tools that resemble the above mentioned.


Have you ever wondered what you, or a loved one would look like as a cartoon? 

I'd love to show you!

Illustrated portraits can be created in a style that emulates a specific look by your request or in one of my two signature illustrated styles:
Comic or simple line

These illustrated portraits can be wholesome and adorable or smoldering hot! I do not show past clients' boudoir illustrations but you can see examples in my store of creations made in the image of models.

Quarantine Bears play on Berenstein Bears book cover illustration by Tiffany Lavender

I would love to illustrate your next children's book! Let's chat!

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