In your logo design package you will get one final version of your logo. This option is best for round or square logos with minimal details. 

You will also receive a signed transfer of copyright form so that you may use your logo freely.

Logo Design Package


  • Step 1. Data collection

    I will ask a series of questions to get to know your unique story and your goals for your business. This interview will help determine the timeline for your project. Typically project turnaround time is less than two weeks but your cooperation plays a big role in how long the process will last.

    Step 2. Rough drafts

    At least three rough drafts will be provided. At this stage you are invited to provide feedback and select favorite drafts or elements within the designs. Rough drafts may be in the form of sketches or digital artwork and may require some imagination.


    Based on your feedback a second set of drafts will be provided and again, you are invited to provide feedback. 

    Step 3. Finishing touches

    A fine-tuned draft will be sent based on your feedback. Any final edits will be made as necessary until you are completely confident your logo is the perfect representation of your business. 

    You are allotted one small change to the final draft, any additional changes may incur extra charges.