Creation of Conscious Part I and II are a play off Michaelangelo's Creation of Adam.


Creation of Conscious Part I is about the out-of-body self, our higher-self, being carried by ideas. The part of a person that is the person without all the titles the body carries, without all of the restrictions the body puts on the self for whatever reason.

I see ideas carrying this part of ourselves because ideas themselves are disembodied consciousness, flying around looking for someone to nurture them. These ideas and out-of-body self are reaching for the body to create consciousness. 


  • High Resolution Semi-Gloss Photo Print on 120 lb Cover Paper
  • 12"x18" 
  • 9" x 18" Image Area
  • Ready for 12"x18" Frame (Not Included)
  • Hand Signed by Artist

Creation of Conscious Part I