Capture the attention of your audience with a custom logo designed to tell your brand's unique story.

Logo Design

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Logo & Brand Design

New responsive logo, color palette, typography and brand guidelines.

Logo Design +

New responsive logo.

Logo Design

New logo.

Brand Refresh

Update your current logo, color palette, typography and brand guidelines. 



Premade Logos

Logo & Brand Design

Brand recognition begins with brand consistency. We will work closely with you to create a brand identity and clear guidelines that make building brand recognition a breeze for you and your team. Your brand identity package will include:

Responsive logo

We will provide at least two versions of your logo to respond to the space it is featured in. 

Color palette

Beyond the logo, color is the most recognizable aspect of a brand. We use color science to ensure your brand colors will represent you and evoke the emotions you want your guests to feel. 

Typography family

We use fonts to express the personality of your brand.


Brand guidelines booklet

Guidelines to help you understand how to use and how to organize all your new brand assets. 

Recent Logo & Brand Design package example:

Lashing Impressions Brand Identity Package

Lashing Impressions of Black River Falls, Wisconsin is all about making their clients feel confident and beautiful. The logo design I created represents Lashing Impressions' professional, elegant and welcoming atmosphere. 


Logo Design +

In your logo design + package you will get at least two versions of your logo to respond to the space it is featured in. This option is best for black and white logos and businesses that have a clear idea of their typography and color needs. 

Recent Logo Design + package examples:

Blondes and Bridals Responsive Logo Design

Blondes and Bridals of Ettrick, Wisconsin is all about the bohemian, earthy look. The inspiration photos provided were leafy, light and feminine. I created a continuous line drawing of a person's side profile, decorated in leaves over a watercolor leaf that represents the person's hair. The responsive logo represents Blondes and Bridals no matter where the logo is placed.


Su Casa Responsive Logo Design

Su Casa Salon and Bridal Suites of La Crosse, Wisconsin wanted their logo to include orchids and for the large format logo she wanted the flowers to look as though they were blooming from a body. Su Casa will use the large format logo wherever space allows. And wherever space doesn't allow, she has two other formats to use. Click the button below to see the changes in the logo.


Parlour Fifteen

Parlour Fifteen is a beauty lounge located in Bangor, Wisconsin. They wanted edgy and sophisticated branding. This responsive logo has specific places to go. One design for apparel and one for the salon's door. The main logo will be used everywhere else. 


Curbside Couture 

Curbside Couture is a fashion truck with two owners whom each have lively, colorful personalities. They wanted a logo to go on the truck that really stood out and represented their personalities as the fashion inside the truck does. And another version of the logo to be used on tags that represented the truck itself. 


Blackwater Performance

Blackwater Performance is a La Crosse, Wisconsin business that specializes in wheel bearings. 


Logo Design

In your logo design package you will get one final version of your logo. This option is best for round or square logos with minimal details. 


Recent logo design examples:
Click or tap each logo for a larger view and more information about the design.

The Vintage Kitchen Logo-Private Chef-La Crosse-Wisconsin
Snowdrop Ink Logo Transparent Background-01.png
Britt Did My Hair La Crosse WI Logo design colorful gradiant painted B
Melanin Beauty Bar logo-Black owned Salon in La Crosse Wisconsin-black-gold-crown
Royalty Beauty Logo-RB crown-purple
Coulee Junction Logo-01.png
Microblading by Jodi Flach Logo watercolor gem
Empire Nutrition Logo Madison Wisconsin skyline painted
Cheryl Ann Design Logo
Backwoods Land Management Logo
Bobbins Up Quilting in La Crosse Wisconsin logo design illustrated bobbins in a wine glass
Foxy Rods Speed Shop Appleton, WI service and custom hotrods logo
Team UIX logo
lash extension logo xtension black gold white
Morton Sports Foundation logo-gold and black-soccer ball-badge logo

Brand Refresh

Some of the ways I can refresh your brand:

  • Add elements to your existing brand identity package

This is ideal for brands that would like to maintain brand recognition already built with an existing logo but want to expand on branding elements such as color palette, typography guidelines or graphic elements.

  • Update old files

Do you have outdated logo files and can't reach the original designer? We can recreate your logo, removing backgrounds and fixing other errors so that you can easily resize without pixelating the image.

Refine MD Brand Refresh

Refine MD is an aesthetic medical spa in Appleton, Wisconsin who was looking for a brand identity refresh that expresses what their business is all about.

We created a new logo file, added a graphic element, a color palette, a typography family and provided a brand guidelines booklet.

Refine MD Logo Vertical RGB.png

FSPA Brand Refresh

Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration is a community of vowed Franciscan women. Their mother-house is in La Crosse, Wisconsin.

This project was done while I was working as their in-house graphic designer (2016-2021).


Goal: create elements and brand guidelines for a more cohesive look throughout FSPA's internal and external communications, keeping the original logo (not my work) the same. 


I created a secondary color palette and organized a font family with usage guidelines that make brand identity simple and fast.


What is a responsive logo?

A responsive logo starts with your primary logo and optimizes the design for different spaces and screen sizes while maintaining brand recognition.

What is the design process like?

Step 1. Data collection

After we determine which package best suits your needs and deposit is paid, I will ask a series of questions to get to know your unique story and your goals for your business. This interview will help determine the timeline for your project. 

Step 2. Rough drafts

At least three rough drafts will be provided. At this stage you are invited to provide feedback and select favorite drafts or elements within the designs. Rough drafts may be in the form of sketches or digital artwork and may require some imagination.


Based on your feedback a second set of drafts will be provided and again, you are invited to provide feedback. 

Step 3. Finishing touches

A fine-tuned draft will be sent based on your feedback. Any final edits will be made as necessary until you are completely confident your logo is the perfect representation of your business. 





Logo & Brand Design Package

New responsive logo, color palette, typography and brand guidelines.


Logo Design + Package

New responsive logo designs.


Logo Design

New logo design.


Brand Refresh

Update your current logo, color palette, typography and or brand guidelines. 

$150 minimum. Pricing is determined by your specific needs.


Premade Logos

Starting your business branding right is so important for brand recognition, but sometimes a custom logo isn't quite in the budget. Premade logos are a great option to get started with a beautiful brand identifier. Shop our premade logos here: