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Blackwater Performance
responsive logo design

Blackwater Performance offers high quality bearings and more. This responsive logo design offers versatility for the expanding company.

Located in La Crosse, Wisconsin,
Su Casa Salon and Bridal Suite offers all who visit a space to be the most beautiful version of themselves. This responsive logo design gives Su Casa versatility to be well represented across all advertising materials.

Su Casa Salon and Bridal Suite
responsive logo design
Cheryl Ann Design logo design

Cheryl Ann Design is a commercial interior designer who had a logo that did not represent her style well. When I reviewed her work I was inspired by the shape of a chair. Perfectly enough, the shape formed her monogram, CAD. 

Backwoods Land Management logo design

Backwoods Land Management wanted a logo with bluffs in a hexagon. What are bluffs? They're like little mountains. I think it's a La Crosse, Wisconsin thing. 

Backwoods Land Management Logo
Microblading by Jodi Flach Logo watercolor gem
Microblading by Jodi Flach logo design

Microblading by Jodi Flach is a permanent makeup studio in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Jodi prepared a beautiful Pinterest board for her studio that gave me lots of ideas for her logo design. Being used mostly as a watermark on before and after images, the logo is light, airy and easy to read. 

Bobbins Up Quilting logo design

Illustrating this logo was a real treat! How cute are this business name and those bobbins?!

Bobbins Up Quilting in La Crosse Wisconsin logo design illustrated bobbins in a wine glass
Britt Did My Hair La Crosse WI Logo design colorful gradiant painted B
Britt did my hair logo design

Britt is a hair stylist in the La Crosse, Wisconsin area and a dear friend. Not only does she have a lovely, vibrant personality but she is extremely talented and a bright color pro. 

Royalty beauty logo design

Royalty Beauty is a beauty salon in Madison, Wisconsin that makes visitors feel like royalty.

The R and B join perfectly to create a crown in shades of royal purple.  

Royalty Beauty Logo-RB crown-purple
Empire Nutrition Logo Madison Wisconsin skyline painted
Empire Nutrition logo design

Empire Nutrition club is located in Madison, Wisconsin. Owner, Brittni, knew she wanted a skyline incorporated in her logo and the three words she used to describe herself were: hipster, gangster who talks to the universe. 

Foxy Rods Speed Shop logo design

Foxy Rods Speed Shop, located in Appleton, Wisconsin, wanted a modernized vintage sign look with a hotrod for their logo. These clean lines will look crisp and strong in print pieces, display well on screens and transfer to clothing nicely. 

Foxy Rods Speed Shop Appleton, WI service and custom hotrods logo
Xtension logo design
lash extension logo xtension black gold white

The Xtension is an eyelash extension salon in Appleton, Wisconsin. They had a good idea of what they wanted in their logo design: the letter "X" larger, very simple and sophisticated with a black background, incorporating white and gold. 

The letter "X" can be masculine looking so the lash shaped swash in place of an arm in the letter "X" added the perfect feminine touch to this logo.

Melanin Beauty Bar logo design

Melanin Beauty Bar is a beauty salon located in La Crosse, Wisconsin. The incredibly talented and kind owner, Choya, wanted her salon logo to feel regal, elegant and bold and to feature the letters M,B,B. A letter "B" sits on each side of the "M", under a golden crown etched in gold. 

Team UIX logo design refresh

Team UIX had an outdated logo with a crooked letter in a format they could not use for print or different colored backgrounds. I recreated the look, fixing the curve of the "U", ditching the gradient they hated, adding dimension to the letters and gave them a file they can use for print or digital purposes. 

The Vintage Kitchen logo design

The Vintage Kitchen is an amazing private chef located in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Private chef, Megan, was the model for Miss Vintage Kitchen illustrated specifically for this logo. She holds her signature tomato that is also seen throughout other Vintage Kitchen branded materials like menus and business cards. 

The Vintage Kitchen Logo-Private Chef-La Crosse-Wisconsin
humble bee logo
Humble Bee

The wings of the bee form a heart, displaying the love for nature, and also triple as the "B" in "Bee!"

Morton Sports Foundation logo-gold and black-soccer ball-badge logo
Morton Sports Foundation

Morton Sports Foundation, in Dallas Texas, teaches youth soccer.

Lenzview Guide Service Logo
Lenzview Guide Service

Lenzview gave me a sketch of what they wanted explaining the fish in the center of the eye should be a crappie.

DAmadi logo

The elegant curves in this typeface give the clothing line logo a sexy, timeless look.

The Rooted Feminine Logo
The Rooted Feminine

Stacy is a talented artist who created this logo design herself. I created a vector image with her sketch and cleaned up the shapes for a more polished look.

Primary color palette
Colors in existing logo (not my work.)

Secondary color palette
Colors were carefully selected using color science and the color wheel. Each color in the secondary palette represents characteristics of FSPA.


With several internal departments producing materials the goal was to create brand guidelines for a more cohesive look throughout Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration's internal and external communications. 

I created a secondary color palette and organized a font family with usage guidelines that make brand identity a breeze.


Step 1.


First, let's get to know each other a bit and decide if we are good fit. If so, you will be quoted a time frame and price based on our interview results.

Step 2.

Rough drafts

At least three rough drafts, like the example below, will be provided within the quoted time.


At this stage you are invited to provide feedback and select favorite drafts or elements within the designs.

Either a final draft, or a second set of drafts (like the example below) are provided based on your feedback from first round of drafts. 

Step 3.

Edits will be made as necessary until you are completely confident your logo is the perfect representation of your business.   


Every project is different and custom to your needs, so pricing varies. Before step two begins you will be quoted a time frame and price based on your needs and a $150 deposit is required. Your deposit will be deducted from the final cost. Typically logos are in the $150 - $300 range, however your logo may be more or less than the ballpark estimate. Sometimes you know exactly what you want and only need a professional to bring your vision to digital life. In this case your deposit may be flexible. 

Step 4.

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