Custom Art

People, pet and landscape drawings are drawn using reference photos. I can either recreate what you already have or add or remove elements for a custom look. Drawings are done either digitally or on paper. Digital art may be printed. Custom art is charged per hour as each piece is different, there is no set price. In order to provide a price quote I will need the image(s) you would like recreated. These can be sent via email. High-quality images with clear contrast are best. 


Realistic Color


Digitally drawn

Extreme detail

People, pets and places

Realistic Colorless


Digitally or physically drawn

High level of detail

People, pets and places



Digitally drawn

Medium detail

Simple line 


Digitally drawn

Minimal detail

Can include color


Still life

Home is where the heart is!
These home drawings were gifted to first time home buyers by lenders and realtors.

Quarantine Bears play on Berenstein Bears book cover illustration by Tiffany Lavender

I would love to illustrate your next children's book! Let's chat!